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We start by checking in with people in older housing units that could contain hazardous materials they can't see

Here's a list of things that happen to people when they're exposed to lead poison at some point in their lifetime: Aggression, anemia, Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, brain damage, cancer, Dementia, hearing impairment, heart attacks, high blood pressure, infertility, IQ loss, kidney failure, low educational attainment, personality disorders, premature death, special education requirements, speech impairments, and violent criminal behavior. This is why it matters for you and everyone you know - we need to get the lead out now.

  1. Get our predictive lead paint location data now, available by voting district in Oakland, CA and other cities as requested, to identify locations in your homes, communities, where you do business, where your kids go to school, where you worship and spend time outside to see the invisible risk of becoming lead poisoned in your daily surroundings. Everyone living in or around pre-1978 housing is at risk for lead poisoning today. When you purchase your interactive Zip Code map it is made available to you online and via mobile device within 24-48 hours.

  2. Once you receive the data and assess the situation you will use it along with our home test kits with instructions, pictures of what lead paint looks like, a Do It Yourself lead check test, and a Metropolitan Intelligence user account to keep track of your process, files, and discoveries. If your home test comes up positive with a red or pink result, notify us, so we can match you with a certified EPA Lead Inspector to find exact lead locations in your home, soil, dust and air that require remediation. In some cases we'll offer to pay you to share your results so we can also match you with funding options, project material choices, and certified professionals who will perform abatement projects for you.

  3. Soon our Metropolitan Intelligence *system will be able to track, manage, and monitor all aspects of the project life cycle to ensure your EPA test results, funding options, certified contractor work, project quality, and goals are met to help everyone Get the Lead Out of our homes, soil, dust, air and environment. MI sustains value for you and your community to continue learning, growing resilient capabilities, and building value with each new question about your home, health, and environmental risks and opportunities.

    *MI uses Blockchain to monitor teams, transactions, evidence, and work to ensure you're protected on all fronts. This functionality is coming in 2018/2019.

environmental hazards at hand in ca - we'll use smart cities to find it, fund it and fix it