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Our data insight discovers many individuals in need of varying types of services and we want to connect them with responsive, certified, professionals and programs to help take care of risks. We're looking for advertisers who offer services in the following areas:



  • EPA Certified lead inspections using XRF lead detection scanners,
  • Repair/Replace/Paint (RRP) Certified lead abatement contractors
  • makers of lead-safe house paint products
  • companies who provide healthy homes-related product offerings


  • indoor air quality monitoring & cleanup providers
  • lead abatement companies for lead in soil issues
  • companies who can replace soil, gardens, and outdoor living areas with sustainable solutions for occupants and landlords
  • permaculture consultants to discuss soil and healthy garden options


  • healthcare providers who will perform blood lead tests for children
  • health consultants for taking care of lead poisoned children and adults
  • health consultants to work with families to come up with lead exposure care options for family members

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