SmartOakland Smart City Non-Profit Service Bureau

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In December 2016 Oaklanders read Reuters and other news articles about lead poisoning in the Fruitvale neighborhood being four times worse than Flint, MI.

When they could not find a central location or responsible party to answer who was working on making Fruitvale families safe a group of volunteers from public health, education, non-profits, sustainability, public services, businesses, and constituents co-designed a community-focused solution and started a non-profit service bureau,, to raise funds to pay for it.

The goal was to create a fast, efficient, repeatable solution for Oakland families in 2 phases:

  1. Phase 1: Find where the lead is and Be Safe
  2. Phase 2: Get the lead out and Save Money

    Help SmartOakland crowdfund the non-profit version of the Get The Lead Out solution to help begin the end of this avoidable health crisis in the Bay Area.

    Read more about the SmartOakland #GetThePbOut micropilot by visiting their campaign and donating to their goal to put interim controls in place in Q4 2017 for 100 Fruitvale families in December 2017.