Oakland District 4 Kicks Off Phase 1 Find Lead Risk with Predictive Location Data Maps

The community members of Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) 27x & 27y are the first to jump in and adopt using predictive data to reach out to community members living in pre-1978 housing to let them know they may be at risk for older housing materials like lead paint so they can test their homes and test their children for lead poisoning.

Block Captains will perform door-to-door checking in with folks, capturing data the occupants and landlords choose to share, do quick home lead check tests and report results to SmartOakland who will then work to connect people with varying resources and funding options to make connections to fund projects and get the lead out of housing in District 4.

This will be a 6-month pilot and the NCPC have recommended that we smooth out the process and then train all the other 55 NCPCs to check their own communities to quickly scale and get an inventory of what everyone needs and the resources we'll need to acquire to create safe and healthy homes for Oaklanders.