How can I use MI data for a housing initiative?

MI just spoke with Green Housing startup who just called on their way over to their pilot location to explain an energy efficiency audit program where they'll train young people in communities to perform energy usage assessments for neighbors. These trainees will help folks understand ways they can save energy, upgrade their homes, help the environment, and qualify for energy efficiency grants and other programs.  The Caller wanted to know how they could use MI for their housing initiatives.

We explained MI is like a new light and energy source used to make better decisions faster. 

MI's space time insight is delivered as geospatial data surrounding you with the ability to see and understand things you wouldn't otherwise and do something it like you couldn't otherwise.

It's like when you're looking for something in the dark and someone turn the lights on and you discover where you're standing and what's right in front of you. MI allows you to see, understand, decide, and act upon invisible risks and opportunities so you can determine what happens next.

Here's how that conversation, timing, and process worked out over about 30 minutes:

  1. Caller makes contact via phone driving to a pilot location and describes locations
  2. MI looks up Zip Codes required to encompass those addresses
  3. Caller asks for pricing
  4. MI says data is sold at the Zip Code level and communities can buy alone but it's a good idea to have a full price sponsor on board too for additional support in data findings:
    • Government: $1.00 per unit
    • Large Business or Foundation: $1.00 per unit
    • Mid-size Business: $.50 per unit
    • Small Business: $.10 per unit
    • Community Groups: $.01 per unit
  5. Caller confirms 4 Zip Codes would be great to have
  6. MI calculates Zip Code pricing, puts red dot Zip Code data in a Google map, emails secure login to Caller.
  7. Caller arrives at pilot location, checks email to open MI maps on his phone, and views the world and his pilot through a whole new lens of understanding...

Here are some screenshots of the maps Caller received via email in under 30 minutes:


Check back in for more stories and follow ups as more people share their experiences with us using MI in their daily lives.

Keeping things interesting,