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see hidden opportunities all around you

In urban, suburban, or exurban environments your future is informed by the past, present variables in your location, and your behavior there. Metropolitan Intelligence shares invisible spatio-temporal data from the past, with present variables, and provides more options for a future path.

Live data dashboards let you see and understand what's happened in specific locations before, what's happening in the present, and what may happen in the future. Don't be surprised, be informed.

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see variable data that impacts your life & decide what to do with it

Assess IT

If you want to assess a situation for risk an capture data to understand it we begin by engaging people to listen to what's happening and what they need. We then use technology to detect and map live issues with GIS coordinates and intervene in cases of immediate danger.

Control IT

If you want to control the risk in a situation and prevent new or additional events from taking place, we use the coordinates of the Assessment activity to provide mitigation and preventative insight with interim controls, and monitor ongoing status to watch for any changes changes.

Transform IT

If you want to transform and reduce the risk of a situation in a formal manner to bring change through issue resolution, the justice system, issue abatement, and sustainable community development efforts data can used to inform and revitalize urban, suburban, and exurban environments.

Data Variables to Consider

Wherever you are things you can't see impact your life. Would you rather know for sure or maintain the surprise?  You can choose to know and see more now.

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see what can be known exactly where you are

Metropolitan Intelligence Smart City engagement platform streams data to people and organizations that bring instant value for their lives, work, and government.  Think about what you which live data you'd like to see where you are and we'll work to capture it for you.

We partner with Vision Architecture to facilitate MI dashboard workshops and provide field data capture services to meet your requirements. 

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imagine what you could know

We partner with Vision Architecture to bring your ideas and options into focus for requirements we can use to build your dashboards. Their professional services are delivered as workshops in person, onsite, or you can travel to Oakland for a workshop Downtown. Review them here.

Metropolitan Intelligence Workshops

Metropolitan Intelligence can bring life saving data to you and your family, business critical data to you and your business, and patterns in exposures to risk that affect city populations for federal, state, and local government health and disaster response planning. Share what you'd like to know and we'll find it with you.

Vision for the Future workshops help you explore a broad spectrum of topics and learn more about Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain and other information management technologies you're hearing about so you can learn how to use them and create what you want to see.

Global Positioning System (GPS) for Your Life, Work & Government

Vision Architecture's GPS workshops help you identify where you are now in your life and work, where you want to be in the future, how you're going to navigate obstacles getting from here to there, and what success will look like when you use the playbook you designed and metrics to reach your goals on time.

information management & governance workshops

Information Systems require detailed Information Governance Programs and there's a lot to know about what to watch out and plan for. If you're embarking on a new information management program, or restarting one, Vision Architecture ensures solid programming for your business and government initiatives.

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