We have 20+ years experience working with executives to envision digital transformation strategies and prototypes the technology solutions they use in public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

It is through many years of designing solutions with many similar capabilities that were not available on the market via large software vendors that the designs we offered gained more popularity and requests for prototypes.

It is now that we've decided to productize the best ideas we've designed over the years and offer them as a Software-as-a-Service Smart City platform and charge per seat for subscriptions from government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Our product roadmap and solution strategy are well defined, the market is in need of our solutions, and no we only need Seed and Angel funding to extend offerings to larger audiences.

Here's what we're looking for. If you see something you're interested in offering, contact us.

Angel investors

  • Operating Capital
  • Legal
  • Patents & IP Licensing
  • Development Costs
  • IoT Infrastructure & Hardware
  • Software Development
  • Scientific Data Capture Hardware
  • Partnership Development
  • Sales Team
  • Marketing
  • Executive Team Salary
  • Founder Salary

strategic advisors

  • IP & Patent Law
  • Data Licensing
  • Operations
  • Platform Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Partnership Development

office space

Downtown Oakland or Lake Merritt

MI office space should be large enough to have workshops and hold meetings. Parking would be nice but it's not necessary if we're next to the 12th or 19th Street BART stations.


executive leadership

  • CEO
    Must have SaaS platform C-Level experience running and exiting a successful data-focused technology platform and work closely with creative Founder.

  • COO
    Must have technology company expertise owning all operations in a fast-paced, creative, tech and science heavy startup and work closely with creative Founder.

  • CFO
    Must have tech Angel and Venture connections as well as the ability to create sales and funding strategies with creative Founder, executives, and sales teams.

  • CTO
    Must be creative. Must have SaaS, data store, and app store expertise. The assumption is advanced technology expertise but the key is aligning with vision of the creative Founder. Own product roadmap and lead industry by leaps and bounds.

  • CMO
    Must be creative. Must have SaaS, data store, and app store expertise. The assumption is advanced technology

  • VP Sales
    Must have SaaS platform VP-Level experience regularly exceeding quotas selling data-focused technology platform services. Smart City experience and working closely with the creative Founder is a must.