Lead is a potent, heavy metal, neurotoxin that used to be mixed into house paint to make it dry faster and was used in housing built before 1978.

It's been federally banned from use since 1978 but it's unless it's been professional removed it's still inside and outside housing built before 1978.

Lead paint breaks down over time and the poison migrates into people, animals, housing, and our environment. Everyone needs to know this and take action now to find, fund, and fix lead poisoning locations to save our minds, lives, and environment for our own communities today and for the future of California. We can get predictive data about where the lead housing risk is located, so you, as city leaders, business owners, parents, community leaders, non-profits, and youth can all use it and Internet of Things technologies to find, fund, and fix the problem.

This is not a complete list of data. It is a 1st release and only includes about 30% of At Risk housing units in 10 CA counties and cities who've been suing lead paint manufacturers for the last 17+ years for creating this toxic nuisance for Californians.

Unless you can see a copy of a scientific test performed by an EPA Certified Lead Inspector using a "XRF" digital scan proving a house is lead-safe, you should Assume it is Not. Our testing kits and data utility help match you with steps and resources to find, fund, and fix the lead paint poison issues in your house, soil, and air.

Note: The lead paint manufacturers were able to reduce their cost and only pay for remediation in housing built before 1951. This why we have pre-1978 & pre-1951 housing separated to help Get the Lead Out as quickly as possible. Don't wait - let's Get the Lead Out of California and every state today!

Stephanie Hayden