Get the Lead Out #GTLO in these US cities

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Metropolitan Intelligence is delivering its lead poisoning intervention solutions to manage the life cycle of lead poisoning detection, mitigation, justice, abatement, and creation of lead-free zones for community regeneration.

NOTE: we are Not focusing on lead in water because other agencies are addressing this issue

The below cities are so negatively impacted by lead poisoning today, we've prioritized their need for assistance and are looking for local partners to deliver MI poisoning intervention solutions starting Q4 2017.

  • It costs about $500 to scan and prevent one child from being poisoned and growing up to live a full life of potential.
  • The current U.S. budget of $42,457 per lead-poisoned child in tax subsidies pays for a lifetime of lost health, education, work, quality of life, opportunities and freedom.

We'd prefer to stop poisoning kids and invest that money in sustainable lead-free communities.

West Coast

  • Seattle

  • Portland

  • Oakland

  • Fresno

  • Los Angeles

East Coast

  • Buffalo

  • Philadelphia

  • pittsburgH

  • Baltimore

  • Washington D.C.


  • Kansas City

  • St. Louis

  • Milwaukee

  • Chicago


  • South Bend

  • akron

  • toledo

  • Columbus

  • Cleveland

  • Cincinnati

  • Detroit

Metropolitan Intelligence and Vision Architecture have underwritten and designed solutions that can be purchased by individuals for their own home environments, by micro-communities to share in the neighborhood and with their family members, by businesses aiming to revitalize the community where they do business, and by city agencies and urban planners preparing to build resilient and sustainable environments.

Whether you're a renter, landlord, property owner, plaintiff attorney, health care provider, or drug company looking to provide new treatments for lead poisoning you'll want to use MI tools to as we work together to bring an end to lead poisoning in the U.S. and other countries.