Lead Poisoning Intervention for Revitalization

smart city iot for home and community resilience

This issue affects people who own or rent homes built before 1978.

Picture buying an old Victorian, renovating by hand, and creating a dream house for your family.

While you were sanding the walls and scraping off old paint you could have exposed your kids to permanent IQ loss, inability to learn or retain a job, or stay out of trouble as an adult. No one means for this to happen but it does every day because you can't see the lead in your home

Whether you're a renter, property owner, investor, politician, health care worker, federal/state or local government agency, or a ward of the state this serious issue already affects you personally.

It costs about $500 to scan and prevent one child from being poisoned and growing up to live a full life of potential.

The current U.S. budget of $42,457 per lead-poisoned child in tax subsidies pays for a lifetime of lost health, education, work, quality of life, opportunities and freedom.

We'd prefer to stop poisoning kids and invest that money in sustainable lead free communities.

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  • Engagement
  • Detection
  • Intervention

Assessment includes reaching out to people at-risk of lead poisoning, coming onsite to scan the insides of their living spaces, post data on a private/secure network, and provide immediate health, safety, and legal support services to understand the risks at hand.

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  • Prevention
  • Mitigation
  • Monitor

Control includes prevention dashboards that alert families and friends of the exact locations of toxic lead in context of family members and monitors these locations until they can be formally abated.

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  • Justice
  • Abatement
  • Regeneration

Transform includes case management, project management, strategic planning, and workforce development in communities to create Lead Free Zones and kick off revitalization efforts for green city developments.