Order Form for MI Data Insights

Note pricing is based on these variables:

  1. the number of users you'll have accessing your dashboards;
  2. the number and types of data streams you want to include;
  3. whether you already have the data you need or we need to go acquire it for you;
  4. how long you want to store the data;
  5. how you want to see the data;
  6. how soon you want to see the data
This helps us understand scale and amount of storage you'll need to host the data and get it out to the number of people you want to share it with.
This helps us understand the scale and potential complexity of your request.
Do you already have the data you need? *
This helps us determine how long your dashboards may take to put together with you.
If you don't already have the data, do you know where it is and who owns it? *
This helps us understand how easy or challenging it may be to gain access to the data once we find it.
If data is being collected now, how is it happening? *
This helps us understand the type of data you're looking for and what might be involved in accessing it for your dashboards to we can give you a quote.
This helps us better understand your agenda and sense of urgency so we can response appropriately.
Where do you want to see the data? *
This helps us understand the types of development we'll need to use to create your dashboard.
This helps us get an idea for the length of time you'll need storage for your dashboards.
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