Investment Planning for Revitalization Projects

Investment Planning for Revitalization Projects


These data dashboards include multiple layers of data that can be used to factor into decisions about where to place real estate investment and community revitalization funds to bring about the highest level of value and return.

The starting price is $5 per housing unit and that includes baseline data we have created using primarily current data with some historic data as a reference point.

Where we use Public Data is only as a courtesy to customers who will find these additional factors collected and assembled by third parties to which the credit is owed and will be stated publicly.

We do not charge for Public Data and do offer it as an additional no-fee layer to buyers who select these options to add context to the data and dashboards they purchase from us.

The data is focused on housing information and predictive models we have created to identify where various health and housing assets are located in order to inform investors from the private and public sectors as to the risk and opportunities associated with Zip Codes.

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