Metropolitan Intelligence Public Data & IoT Utility Endorsed by National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST

Metropolitan Intelligence is a peer agency to Vision Architecture which focuses on Smart City consulting and strategic planning. It was through Vision Architecture consulting, workshops, pro-bono work in cities and more recently a few years of work in Oakland, CA that the consulting team came up with the idea of a Public Data & IoT Utility that would function like electricity.

It would be available to all people and be as accessible as a light switch - or better. All people would have access to data and actionable intelligence in a way that has previously been reserved for defense or well off corporations.

The idea is that if each individual is empowered with space time insight, actionable intelligence, and tools to manage outcomes to take advantage of opportunities and reduce risk the world would be a better place.

Metropolitan Intelligence was formed as a software company in summer 2017 and our first product suite - the Public Data & IoT Utility focuses on critical intersections of health, housing, the environment and vectors that dramatically impact and cause negative outcomes for 1000s of people each year in most major cities.  That intersection is where people come into contact with invisible lead poisoning inside and outside their homes.


After attending the Global City Team Challenge hosted by the Federal Department of Commerce Institute of Standards and Technology we share our vision and glimpses of our technology and plans.  Leaders and attendees urged us to submit our plans and capabilities as potential additions to the growing global network of SuperClusters and Action Clusters to build standard all people can use to design and build high value Smart Cities.

In June 2018 not one, but two of our Action Cluster submission were accepted and we are scheduled to present our work and our focus on Cybersecurity in these contexts at Global Tech Jam in Portland, OR June 20-22,2-18.  Come see us there!  We're honored and excited to join this amazing group of global thought leaders and innovators - here's to 2018 and what's next!