1-House Lead Check Kit

1-House Lead Check Kit



This 1-House Lead Check Kit includes:

  • For the address you provide, we will note the year of your unit and whether or not we can find a record of the location undergoing lead abatement at some point in the recent past. This is your starting point. You will then use the instructions in your kit to perform Do It Yourself tests around your home using the elements listed here:

  • 1 package of 3M Instant Lead Check Swabs that contain 8 pen tests you will use to perform quick, Do It Yourself, lead check tests to see if areas in or outside your home contain lead paint. The instructions are available in English and Spanish. Please let us know if you need another language so we can prepare them for you and/or future buyers.

  • A Public Service Announcement (PSA) that describes what lead paint looks like, negative health impact that comes from lead poisoning, and methods used to identify if lead paint is a problem in your home.

  • An overview of the roadmap for the Find It, Fund It, Fix It process we use to help you locate lead poison locations, access funds to pay for abatement using certified contractors, and get through the project phase of removing lead from your home, soil, dust and air to improve your health, housing, and our environment.

    PLEASE NOTE - We are in Version 1.0 right now which does not yet offer fund matching information because we do not yet know the scale and number of housing units we need to prepare for to enter that data and service into the platform. The estimated availability of this service is August/September 2018 followed by the Fix It functionality on the roadmap for November/December 2018. The more people are using MI data and contributing their results, the faster we can get these services to you.

  • A secure online account in Metropolitan Intelligence you will use to enter and store your data so it is in a safe place, and, if you choose, you can also use your account to sell your data back to MI and/or other parties in the future to make some money during your Find It process. This account is paid for for 1 year at which point you can renew your subscription and/or add or delete services..

  • In Version 2.0, when you use your MI account, you will also be given the option to be matched with funding sources. Whether you plan to pay for it yourself or if someone will, you’ll get to see mutiple options like government grants, energy efficiency and home renovation incentive programs, potential lawsuit settlements related to lead paint in pre-1951 housing in 10 counties and cities in CA, and other helpful financial tools to help with the cost of lead abatement.

  • You will have the ability, only if you choose, to share your knowledge via data made avilb public-facing data dashboards we’ll use to inform the public of risks in Zip Codes and then aspects like project status and useful information various group will be interested to know. This is OPT IN only on your part and totally under your control.

  • With a MI account you will also be able to receive payment for the data you collect about your findings paid to you by Metropolitan Intelligence. We are looking to grow our scale of data on these topics so we can negotiate better prices and incentives for our customers from third parties who want to provide services for you. We will also use this data to create revenue we will use to build more functionality into this platform. We are transparent about our goals which is to invest in the community and continue to reinvest in capabilities that drive more value every day back into communities.

  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for you to fill out a paper form if you prefer that over filling out a form online. If you use paper, we will still set up an online account for the Occupant, or their delegate, to maintain their records online for 1 year in case they want to take action with their results.


  • An EPA Certified XRAY flourescent lead scan test (XRF). These tests are required if you intend to move forward with abatement activities, but they are more expensive than the 3M Instant Lead Check tests. This is why we recommend everyone learn about lead and do the quick Do It Yourself test first to see if you do need to spend the money on the XRF of if you’re OK without doing one. XRF scans cost between $250-600 for a 2-3 bedroom housing unit. If you get a positive test from your 3M kit we may be able to broker reduced rates on the XRF test for you dependent on your income level.

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