Zip Code 94602 Has 6399 Red Dot Houses Predicting Possible Lead Poison Housing Units

Zip Code 94602 Has 6399 Red Dot Houses Predicting Possible Lead Poison Housing Units


PLEASE READ because it is VERY important you understand what this data is and what it is NOT:

This data IS:

Predictive only.

This means we have combined a series of data sets that describe aspects of this housing unit, combined with expert advisory council, and interviews conducted with people who work in lead paint abatement. From this data we determined there is a high likelihood of lead poisoning existing and needing to be found in this location in order to make the Occupants safe from irreversible damage caused by ingesting lead paint in the form of soil, air, dust and crumbling paint that transfers easily into people.

We cannot know for a fact that lead poisoning exists inside a home until a human conducts a couple of tests to validate whether or not lead poison is in this location, right now.

Once the location has been confirmed to contain poison lead paint the Occupant becomes qualified for a number of funding options to Get the Lead Out of their environment, safely, and efficiently.

This data is NOT:

  • Private data and does not identify individuals.

  • HIPPA data because it does not include any information about individuals and health records.

Reasons Predictive Data can be wrong:

  1. If the owner of a housing unit had a lead abatement project conducted at some point they would not have had the option, until now, to post their certificate of lead-safe status anywhere online. This is why we would not be able to learn the house is certified as lead-safe and why our Prediction would be wrong for this specific location. Part of our mission is to create a current, updated, listing of lead-safe housing units by recording lead-safe certificates per location. All property owners, landlords, property managers, and certified lead abatement contractors are welcome to contact us with their lead-safe certification documentation which we’ll use to update their address to green status.

sourced including the age of the house

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