Here's how ordering works

You submit an order, we call you to discuss it, you approve the plan and pay 1/2 deposit for us to start work, we acquire data and create a mock up for you to review and approve, you pay the other 1/2, and we launch it for you on the MI platform with whichever hosting service you've chosen.

MI_300_online ordering.jpg


  • Send your request form to us here: Order Form
  • If you don't already know what you want you can schedule a MI dashboard workshop to get requirements for your views
  • We'll call you to discuss your requirements
  • You confirm your order & pay 1/2 for us to start


  • We acquire data from you or from the external source you've requested
  • We apply calculations
  • We develop the view you requested with your live data in it
  • We make it available for you to review


  • You review, request modifications, and/or approve it
  • You pay the second 1/2 of the order fee
  • We launch your dashboard and let you know it's ready

Each order requires a brief conversation because we need to understand where your data will come from and how we'll get it into the Metropolitan Intelligence platform. 

The price is based on

  1. the number of users you'll have;
  2. the number and types of data streams you want to include;
  3. whether you already have the data or we need to go acquire it for you;
  4. how long you want to store the data;
  5. how you want to see the data;
  6. how soon you want to see the data

See examples of a non-profit pricing structure for a custom project to get a general feel for pricing.