Housing Units Likely to Contain Lead Paint Poisoning

Housing Units Likely to Contain Lead Paint Poisoning


We want to get data about housing locations with a high likelihood of containing lead paint poison hazards to as many people as possible, quickly, so we’re keeping the price as low as we can.

We are charging $1 per housing unit, with a 1000 unit minimum, and a preference for screening entire Zip Codes at once.

The goal is to create as much pre-screened data as possible to drive the overall cost down for new users. The goal here is to get critical insight about lead poisoning risk per housing unit to each person in our communities. If you are in a position to sponsor Zip Code screens please contact us so everyone can benefit from your investments and we can start to protect large numbers of people from lead poisoning in our neighborhoods and urban environments.

The neighborhood featured in this screenshot is an area of micro-communities in Oakland, CA. In the case of Oakland, 80% of housing is pre-1978 and so it is important the public become aware of this fact as quickly as possible and learn about steps they need to take to ensure their environments are safe and their people are not being exposed to lead poisoning.

Buyers of this data will receive basic, predictive data, that comes from our research, internal data modeling, historic trends, interviews, marketing and proprietary data algorithms.

Please note what this data is NOT.

This is “Level 1 Predictive Data” which means it is Not yet verified by users in each location and not yet verified with scientific testing methods. This is very important for you to understand.

Why isn’t it user validated or scientifically validated yet?

We are launching Level 1 Predictive lead hazard location services now because our clients have said people could use it now, even without user or scientific validation, to save lives and property. It is in this spirit we are offering these data sets while we work to grow and capture user validated and scientific proof of these predictions and their accuracy over time.

If you’re concerned about health, housing, environmental hazards, risk, and justice factors that are time sensitive and the data doesn’t need to be perfect please consider Level 1 Predictions an option for your use.

The assumption is that when you buy this product via the Metropolitan Intelligence website you have already chosen the area you’d like to screen and we’ve discussed the price you will be charged for that request.

If you purchase this set of 1000 units first make sure to immediately reach out to us to identify the Zip Code you want to pre-screen so we can get them turned around for you quickly.

Most Google Map integrated dashboards can be turned around and sent to you with a password within 24-48 hours.

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