Pricing is based on a few variables:

  1. the number of users you'll have;
  2. the number and types of data streams you want to include;
  3. whether you already have the data or we need to go acquire it for you;
  4. how long you want to store the data;
  5. how you want to see the data;
  6. how soon you want to see the data

if you already have access your data

If your data is already available and you only want MI to host the data, perform calculations, and make it available for you your cost will be nominal. Submit your Order now and we'll call yo discuss.

example cost for home-grown lead poisoning intervention pilot

This example of a pricing structure is for working with a group of 100 families to test their homes for lead poisoning. This includes averaged costs across the 100 family cohort to provide protection, health data dashboards, and physical mitigation services commensurate with the amount of lead found in their homes. The estimate is 70 of 100 homes will be mitigated with simple solutions like cleaning, raising garden beds, and painting the inside of homes while 20 will be cleared and 10 will need to be referred to formal abatement service programs.

Per home & Per Person via non-profit pricing

We've broken costs down to a per-home and per-person charge to give you an idea of what the non-profit pricing is for a lead poisoning intervention program.

ASSESS the situation

  • 1 home = $790
  • 1 person = $198

CONTROL the situation

  • 1 home = $1200
  • 1 person = $301

Transform the situation

  • tbd
  • tbd

a few data HUNTING options to consider

  • If you know where the data is and know who to connect us with to capture it for you that will also cause your costs to go down quite a bit.
  • We will on, occasion, promote incentive programs for Data Hunters to join our effort to locate hard to find or access data.