Metropolitan Intelligence Releases Predictive Data for Lead Paint Poison Housing Locations for 10 CA Counties & Cities

We Begin with MI Data Release 1: 10 CA Counties & Cities

Metropolitan Intelligence has worked diligently over the past 18 months learning from experts in health, housing, environmental justice, inclusion, and community members about why lead poisoning persists in American cities today. Lead paint poisons affluent, middle, and low income communities, every race, ethnicity, and social standing. This investment is why we now know why lead poisoning continues and how we can stop it - as a modern society.

MI connects humans, data, and the Internet of Things technologies to counteract systems and inefficiencies that allow thousands of children, and 100s of thousands of adults per year, to suffer adverse health impacts and life outcomes, needlessly.  Some of the most frequent health issues include ADHD, Alzheimer's, anger issues, autism, brain damage, cancer, hearing loss, heart attacks, infertility, IQ loss, kidney failure, personality disorders, and a propensity toward violence.

These negative impacts affect us all because we live in communities where our neighbors' choices, and our own, affect life outcomes for everyone else around us. We visualize choices, threats, impacts. what's invisible, and what can now be know - like lead poisoning locations - so you can be informed and decide what to do next to drive what happens in the future.

Our process begins with empowering clients, and communities, to see invisible lead poison threats by visualizing data from the past in context of current location with real-time poisoning to see threats around them. This type of insight informs decisions about what to do next.

Once this data is validated in person with home lead test kits and scientific lead detection scans, we broker options to fund it's removal by certified professionals, then track and monitor projects working to fix lead poison issues in housing, soil, dust and air. 

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Our vision and strategy include smart sustainable cities, community engagement, workforce development, jobs creation and economic independence to create resilient communities in every city.

Triple Bottom Line

People: Focus on why we're doing something and who it's for by directly engaging people impacted by the issue at hand. From here we co-create solutions that work for them.

Planet: Focus on what's good for the planet. If it's bad for the planet it's bad for the people. 

Profit: Focus on economic sustainability by creating new revenue models and funding streams where they do not exist and reinvest in people, housing, environment, and justice where solutions are deployed.

We Begin with MI Data Release 1: 10 CA Counties & Cities

NOTE If you do not see your city in our Data Release 1 maps it does Not mean it is lead-safe. It means we are not yet showing data for your city because this set is only 10 counties and cities who sued lead paint manufacturers 17 years ago for toxic cleanup. Nearly every American city currently contains lead paint poisoning which needs to be found, funded, and fixed. We can provide the same services for all of them.

The purpose for the maps:

  • Increase Public Awareness that everyone who lives in or around pre1978 housing needs to test their homes, garden soil, dust, air and children for lead poisoning. Once you test them, take immediate, controlled, action to Get the Lead Out of your housing, people, and our environment - it is currently negatively impacting everyone.

The goal and use for these maps:

  • Increase Public Alarm so we can take care of this situation as a modern society can when we are smart about our decisions and resources. Lead poisoning is serious and we need to act now to protect your and everyone's health, housing, and environment.
  • Increase Public Action to make informed, clear decisions, take controlled and measured steps, find where it is, fund it's remediation, and fix it so we can grow green, sustainable, communities that are safe and resilient for everyone now and in the future.

Data Release 1: What the data is and what it isn't.

Red dots, when zoomed all the way in, indicate each housing unit built before 1978 that needs to be tested for lead paint poison to protect occupants’ and neighbors’ health, housing property values, and our environment.

Red dots allow you to zoom in all the way down from county level to the individual housing unit location where there is a high likelihood that lead poisoning exists in interior and exterior walls, soil, dust, and air.

Google maps integration allows you to pull these maps up on your mobile devices if you want to take them with you as part of a Nextdoor, or community group effort to notify friends and neighbors about the need to test and make sure everyone is lead-safe in your neighborhood.

There is a spreadsheet list view along with your map so you can print it out or export it into lists you can share with your constituents, neighbors, members, clients, and youth groups so everyone can triangulate on addressing these issues together.

Data Release 1 is PREDICTIVE Data - Read this carefully.

  • This data set only covers about 30% of the housing in these areas where occupants regularly communicate about their tenancy and where their housing unit was built between 1900-1978.

  • If your County's Tax Assessor Office will provide building data for us, without a fee, will will use your data and fill in the information they have for building built before 1900 which is critical to ensuring your oldest housing units are addressed quickly.  If they charge a fee, we can work through that with them and with you to ensure pre-1900 housing is included for additional data charges.

  • We will continue to create and produce more waves of data that include a broader spectrum of living situations and locations where people who are not regularly communicating about where and how they live - where they willingly choose to OPT IN - to ensure we're including and protecting as many folks as possible.

  • Our data is predictive meaning that based on historic data, current data, interviews, and trends that allows us to predict that lead poison exists in a location.  We are providing this data because time is of the essence and it only takes a few breaths or a few seconds to be exposed and suffer permanent disability from lead exposure. 

  • We opted to provide you with predictive data, not yet validated by a human or a physical test, to give you a chance to become aware of and get in front of the possibility of becoming lead poisoned inside your own home. This is also so you can go get your family checked up and get your kids' blood tested for lead poisoning to hopefully prevent them from becoming lead poisoned. You cannot undo brain damage and lead piles up in your system every day you're around it, so from our perspective, we'd rather be right most of the time and give you predictions than wait for blood lead tests that prove your child has been exposed to lead poison. 

  • Our data is also not perfect because we are starting to build clean data with our financial investments and your contributions. There is no central reporting location, until now, for lead-safe certificates to be shared with the public including insights about whether people have painted or cleaned up any environmental hazards.

  • The only way lead abatement projects can be seen now is if you submit a Freedom of Information Act request to the CA State Department of Public Health and wait a while for someone to send you years of pdf files to look through one by one to see if an address is on one of those documents. We think that's not fast enough which is why we're building MI data for you.


  • Red dots are $1 per housing unit.
  • However many red dots there are in a Zip Code is what the dollar amount equals, e.g.:
    • Oakland Zip Code 94601 has 6,036 red dots for housing units built before 1978 so the price for this data for this Zip Code is $6,036.
    • Oakland Zip Code 94601 has 5,669 red dots for housing units built before 1951 so the prices for this data for this Zip Code is $5,569.
      • Pre-1951 lead housing data is separated out to help quickly find housing that may qualify for lead remediation settlement funds to be distributed soon as a results of a 17+ year lawsuit files against lead paint manufacturers for create toxic hazards for Californians.  The defendants in the case negotiated a deal to not cover all housing built before 1978, and to only cover housing built before 1951. This data is created to help this process go faster so people living in and around pre-1951 housing can Get the Lead Out with the lead help of funds from this lawsuit. 
      • We do not guarantee funds will be connected to anyone who uses our process and data, but we want to get everyone as prepared as possible to be at the front of line when funds become available.