Environmental Impact from Air Pollution for Housing Occupants

Environmental Impact from Air Pollution for Housing Occupants


Buyers please read this description carefully:

What these dashboards are:

  • Level 1 Predictive Data which means the data is not validated by a current occupant or by scientific testing data.

  • This is data that identifies a high likelihood of negative impact to the current occupants based on multiple data sources and primarily on proprietary data models that are always being improved for higher percentage of accuracy.

  • This data can be used for a more current view into real-time impact of environmental factors on occupants today vs. data that could be d8-10 years old coming from sources like the U.S. census.

  • The data included is proprietary data about housing and we are offering a data overlay of Open Public Data assembled by other agencies that are already available through various agencies. To be clear, we are not selling Open Public Data, we are selling insight we have created for housing and offering the ability for customer to apply layers of curated Public Data to the housing data they have purchased.

  • We are offering this as a service to add baseline value to data sources already compiled by other data scientists and we will credit them and their work as customers request the addition of their insight to our Level 1 Predictive Data dashboards.

What these dashboards are Not:

  • This is not user validated data which is what we call “Level 2 User Validated Data” which will become available, at the opt in choice of users, in Fall/Winter 2018. User validated data will be made available for public sale only if and when individual users choose to sell that data and create financial value for themselves in the process.

  • This is not scientifically tested and validated data which we call, “Level 3 Scientific Data”. This means scientific devices and certified services are used to produce these results and they are the highest level of quality and validation available to prove or disprove the presence of various environmental hazards. This data

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