Lead Paint Poisoning Zip Code Risk Assessments

Lead Paint Poisoning Zip Code Risk Assessments


This Level 1 Predictive Data dashboard is made available as private, hosted, Tableau Online dashboard accessible to the customer via a web browser and secure login.

The data includes current information about age of housing, ages and numbers of occupants, and has the ability to integrate with Google Maps, if ordered separately.

The views available in a standard setup include:

  • an area overview of the Zip Code(s) purchased,

  • zoom out to the surrounding areas,

  • break down of each Zip Code including the number of houses at risk for lead poison hazards

    If ordered, and for additional cost, more data is available to be :

  • break down of housing type e.g. multi-unit residential, single family residence, multi-tenant, etc.

  • break down of number and age of children 6 and under living in the unit who may be at higher levels of sustaining permanent health damage by remaining in this location due to exposure to lead poisoning inside and outside their home

  • break down of vulnerable populations who may be pre-qualified to receive assistance through various funding programs to bring resolution to housing and health issues the occupant may be experiencing due to their location and socio-economic status

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