Metropolitan Intelligence

a customizable smart city platform that looks and behaves like you

20 years of consulting allowed us to hear what people want and what they can't find with large software companies. 

Metropolitan Intelligence is a system of building functionality to be assembled to meet small, medium, and large challenges for millions of people.  Solutions are designed to be configured and made available to each person, to be paid for individually or by agencies tasked to support them, and to utilize private, secure, networks and resilient fail over for elastic disaster recovery. 

The expected result will be more individual and city-wide resilience capabilities, entrepreneurial growth, and a Smart City platform that looks and behaves like the people in the city who use it. 

This list of technologies represent capabilities that will be added to requests as they come in. All technologies are not instantly available, yet.  Put in your order and we'll put it together for you.

smart cities

  • smart homes
  • smart cars
  • smart buildings
  • smart transportation
  • smart utilities

internet of things

  • fog computing
  • cloud computing
  • cloud storage
  • security
  • urban sensor networks

GIS - geographic information system

  • spatio-temporal location data


  • proof of work
  • Smart Contracts
  • proof of provenance


  • Array of Things
  • ground movement
  • transportation


    Data marketplace

      • post data to sell
      • buy data for sale
      • data capture tools
      • streaming data from live service integrations

      open data

        • accessing and integrating with existing Open Data platforms

        data processing

          • data capture from external IoT sensors
          • data capture from third party devices
          • data mining
          • data visualizations
          • data processing
          • data calculations
          • data analytics
          • predictive analytics

          language processing

          • sentiment analysis
          • natural language processing

          machine learning

          • pattern recognition
          • decision making
          • artificial intelligence

          apps marketplace

            • post apps to sell
            • buy apps for sale
            • SDK to build apps

            Case management

            • complex event handling
            • process modeling
            • workflow automation

            evidence management

            • data capture
            • data storage
            • integration with formal evidence management systems

            business process & Event management

            • complex event handling
            • process modeling
            • workflow automation

            project management

            • multi-agency projects
            • multi-agency group initiative management
            • task management
            • alerts & notifications